Community Development Initiatives

As a leader in the care sector, I am very aware of the importance of communities. In building my businesses, I also recognise my responsibility to give back to the community – which fits well with my mission: to support vulnerable people to make their world a better place.

I want to use my leadership skills to make a difference to vulnerable people across communities, not only in care settings. One of my aims is to make a direct and positive impact on the lives of children who suffer from poverty, specifically by helping them to complete their education.

No matter where they live in the world, lack of education traps these children in poverty, even those with real potential to succeed. I am committed to changing this.

Supporting children in our local community

It’s a sad fact that there are still children living in the UK on or under the poverty line. Lack of money in the family can mean that these children don’t get proper meals at home, and one of the aspects of their lives affected is their education. Hungry children don’t do so well in school.

Locally, I have developed links with schools, and my businesses contribute towards funding to help children from impoverished families with the cost of school means and after-school activities.

Helping to educate children in poverty

My heritage is Ugandan and I have strong ties there. Whenever I visit the country, I’m reminded of the huge contrast between the lifestyle and lack of opportunity that some of the poorest children there experience, and what my own children enjoy.

Education is one of the most important things that can make a difference to these children’s futures. The poorest families can’t afford to send their children to school, let alone give them the books and uniforms they need.

Lack of education traps these children in poverty, even those with real potential to succeed and support their own families.

I want to make a real difference to individual children, so I’m working with schools in Uganda to sponsor 100 children over the next 5 years with their education. My support is enabling impoverished children to complete their education and giving them the chance of a better future.

Staff at the schools and family connections are helping me to keep track of the effect my support is having on these children, and I look forward to being able to follow them through their education and into adulthood.

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